Laying the Foundation for Your Building Project

We ensure that your dream home is durable enough to withstand small earthquakes by focusing our expertise on the structural supports built into your residence. At California Engineering and Construction, we specialize in foundation masonry and working in difficult terrain. We have the experts and certification for shotcrete wall construction to ensure that retaining walls are strong. The homes we build are designed to last for years to come.

Construction Construction

Man Working on a Structure Foundation

From the Ground Up

A strong foundation means a sturdy structure. Our masonry contractors know how to level and prepare your property for major construction. We are able to repair a damaged foundation, and we can evaluate and upgrade an existing one.

Protecting Against Disaster

Between earthquakes and mudslides, you have to prepare your home for every possibility. We know how to build structures to help ensure the stability of your home and the safety of your family. Our craftsmen use shotcrete that has been reinforced with a grid of metal bars to build retaining walls and caissons. These hillside caissons allow us to maintain the structural integrity of the retaining walls, which in turn protect your home from shifting earth.